About the Barn

There are many arts and cultural silos in our community who are operating in isolation and often disengaged from the greater arts and cultural community, often with very limited resources. The hub will be an opportunity for all of these organisations to network and share resources with each other building community connectedness & social relationships by providing intergenerational opportunities for recreation & leisure through cultural expression & participation.

Facilities & Activities:

Arts and Cultural Groups Meeting Place

Shared Office Space and facilities

Information hub – A distribution point for information referencing Art & Culture across the Central Coast.

Arts and Cultural Storage Facilities

Central archive of historical documentation of arts and community events and festivals

Exhibition Space

Workshops including sustainable building to develop the facility, Visual Arts, Performing Arts,

Creative Industry Professional Development

Development of community performance/rehearsal space and provision of equipment.

Creation of the "Arts Garden" a unique accessible outdoor performance and exhibition space - ideas include Garden wall project, garden gate project, creative pathways project, Tipi story space, central ceremonial space, edible art-bush-tucker, garden sculpture, community mosaic, earth oven, Outdoor Eco stage and projection screen.

Events including an Annual Festival, Eco Arts and Craft Markets, Creative Industries Forums, Youth Specific Annual Event, and other arts community celebrations.

Incorporate sustainable technologies/systems for power/water/waste given appropriate to establish the facility as a” showcase” for environmentally sustainable community assets. (solar, water tanks, wind-generator).

Networking and liaising with both commercial and community partnerships to develop ongoing sustainability of the hub/precinct eg; Neighbourhood Centre, Progress Association, Child Care centre, Eco Garden, and other Arts and Performance Groups.

Networking with the local community to integrate local initiatives ie; through Neighbourhood centre and Council community development.


Establish a Centre and Support Network for Sustainable Arts and Culture in the Central Coast Region

Space to demonstrate, document, visualize and perform local stories

Provide training and develop new skills in Art and sustainability

Provide Opportunities for Artists and Creative Industry professionals

Provide Employment and Volunteering opportunities

Explore to potential of creativity as solution to sustainability

Create a Unique Performance and gathering space for the Arts Community

Become a Tourist Destination.

Bring different arts based organisations together facilitate sharing existing resources (ABCD)

Become of model for Sustainable Creative Community Development

So if you would like to support this geat new Community Asset, get in contact and let us know what services or resources you can help with.