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ArtsBarn [a consortium between Brackets & Jam Central Coast Inc and Fusion Arts Central Coast Inc.] will use its best endeavours to maximise community use of the facility, making it accessible to community members and community groups in an equitable way for the pursuit of the development of art & culture on the Central Coast. An appointed Board oversees all hiring’s for this facility.

In the interest of all people using the ArtsBarn and local residents, the following conditions of hire govern the use of this facility:


When a hirer is using the building out of hours, they are responsible for ensuring the security of the building.

  •  Access should be strictly limited to the members of the group. Do not allow anyone else to enter the building. (e.g. to go to the toilet).
  •  The key holder should enter the building by the front door entry. Access is 24/7 and passwords/ keys are to be kept confidential and in the custody of the signed hirer.
  •  Access by participants should be by the front door entry.
  •  Any outside opening doors must not be left unattended when open.

All Hirers accept responsibility and accountability to adhere to the conditions set out in this document

Each Hirer is responsible at all times for the safe evacuation of all members of their group. The Hirer has the responsibility to familiarise all people in your group of the evacuation procedure in case of an emergency. The Emergency Evacuation Plan is on display in every room. Please take note of nearest Exits and Assembly area.

First Aid Kit is available in the toilet area. Accidents and Incidents must be recorded in book with the first aid kit.


  1. No Alcohol will be sold on the premises. If alcohol is to be consumed on the premises there will be No keg beer. And all alcohol must be in cans only.

  1. If alcohol is consumed on the premises it must be confined to the areas hired for the function. This includes no alcohol to be consumed at the front or sides of the building. Hirers must comply with the Liquor Act 1982 Section 114(4). For further information regarding Licensing law details please contact the Licensing Police on 4323 5599.

  1. No smoking is allowed inside the building. Please do not litter the outside of the building with cigarette butts.

  1. All amplified and/or loud noise will cease at 9pm Sunday to Thursday, and at Midnight Friday and Saturday.

  1. Activities at the ArtsBarn are to conclude at 10pm Sunday to Thursday, and at Midnight Friday and Saturday. Users are to depart in a quiet and orderly manner, when leaving the ArtsBarn at all times.


  1. Community groups will receive priority over individual or business hiring. Permanent bookings (i.e. regular weekly/monthly/yearly hire) will get priority over other bookings. However at times areas may be booked for special events eg; art display [for 1 or 2 weeks] in which case priority will be given to the special event following liaison with long term hirer.

  1. Booking staff have the authority to deny access to a hirer where the activity is considered inappropriate for the building. For example: An activity where valuable equipment in the ArtsBarn would be in danger of damage.

  1. In the event of an access dispute the group or individual may apply in writing to the Board of Management whose decision will be final.

  1. On-going evaluation of groups using the ArtsBarn will be conducted and future hiring will be considered in light of these evaluations. Failure to adhere to any of the Conditions of Hire may result in a hirer being refused access to the building in the future.


There are different rates for Exhibitions or Workshopsusing the same space.

Booking staff have the authority to decide which rate applies for each hiring application. In the event of a dispute, the group or individual may apply in writing to the Board. The decision of the Board will be final.

Each room has a different hire rate. Day and evening rates apply.


  1. The rate of bond differs according to the use of the areas. See Rates of Hire.

  1. Bonds will be returned by direct credit by the end of the following week as long as any keys have been returned. Rooms and equipment will be inspected as soon as possible after the event.

The cost of any damages, breakages, missing items or extra cleaning will be deducted from the Bond. If the cost is greater than the bond, an invoice will be issued to the hirer, stating date, action taken and cost outstanding. Invoice terms are payment within seven (7) days.


  1. Permanent/regular hirers of the ArtsBarn, Registered bodies and Associations and those who charge fees must provide, at time of booking, evidence of Public Liability Insurance. Failure to provide such evidence will result in the cancellation of future bookings.


  1. Bookings will only be confirmed after payment of the Hiring Fee and Bond money.

  1. The full Hire Fee and Bond money must be paid at least a month prior to use of the room or at the time of booking, if requested by the ArtsBarn. Time must be allowed for cheques to clear in the bank or cash will be required.

  1. A hirer of a room must give the ArtsBarn 4 weeks notice for cancellation of a booking. Cancellations advised after this time will result in the hirer paying the full rental fee for the room and in this case a refund of the rental fee will be made only if another booking for the same time and room is received by the ArtsBarn.


  1. Hirers must get prior permission to bring in extra electrical equipment and use it in the building. All electrical equipment must have been tested and tagged by an electrician before use.

  1. Any damage caused by faulty electrical equipment brought into the ArtsBarn must be paid for by the hirers.

  1. Any equipment brought into the ArtsBarn by a hirer is at the hirer’s own risk. The ArtsBarn does not accept responsibility for any loss, damage or theft of a hirer’s equipment or effects even if permission to store on site has been given by the Board. The hirer is responsible for any accidents caused to any person by their equipment.

  1. Hirers are responsible for any accidents caused by their negligence or failure to take due care.

  1. The ArtsBarn has very limited storage space. Regular hirers may apply to the Board for use of storage space within the ArtsBarn for their equipment. Requests will be granted after consideration of the available space and on condition that equipment is stored in a tidy manner and does not create a fire hazard. Fees may be charged for storage. Loss or damage to any equipment used or stored on the premises is the responsibility of the hirer.

  1. Any equipment owned by the hirer and stored in the ArtsBarn must be returned to its storage area at the conclusion of each hire session to ensure the room/s used are free for other hirers.


Notices, posters or displays must not be altered, covered or removed unless prior permission is given by the Board. No posters, decorations etc. are to be attached to wall or Notice boards without prior permission.


  1. The hirer is responsible for ensuring the room/s used is left in a clean and tidy condition. This includes the toilet and any other areas used. Basic cleaning equipment, located in toilet area, will be provided by the ArtsBarn (broom, mop, bucket, liquid floor cleaner, dustpan and brush). However hirers will need to provide any other cleaning equipment required.

  1. All kitchenware must be washed and returned to the appropriate cupboard. Benches and sinks must be cleaned.

  1. All rubbish must be removed from the premises and disposed of.

  1. Any equipment used by the hirer including tables, chairs, whiteboards etc. must be returned to its original position in a clean and tidy condition. Please do not drag furniture across the floor. Tables must be carried by two people at all times.

  1. On completion of the activities, all windows and doors are to be locked and lights turned off and toilets checked. Failure to correctly secure the building, may result in non-refund of bond.

Any keys must be returned to the designated person on the next working day after use of the ArtsBarn.