solairlogoThanks to local company Solair Pty Ltd for helping heat and cool the Arts Barn using the latest in sustainable technology.

The Arts Barn now has a unique low impact heating and cooling system combining solar driven heat extraction fans plus a solar driven heating unit that pumps warm air into the lower level on cold days. This had drasticly reduced our use of power and the need for traditional air conditionaing and heating systems.

The system runs only on solar energy so it’s eco-friendly, sustainable, carbon free and FREE to run.

The System

A Solar Whiz unit extracts hot air from the roof to cool the building in summer, while a solar air collector pumps heated, dry air in to warm the building in winter.

Both systems are controlled by thermostats so once the optimum temperature has been reached they automatically turn off.

The entire system runs on solar power so there is no operating cost or connection to the power grid.

This type of system will normally pay for itself within 3-5 years.

How does the cooling work?

Roof temperatures throughout most of Australia often reach 60-70°C in summer. Even with good insulation, these high temperatures will radiate heat down through the ceiling and increase the internal temperature.

This results in a need for cooling the excess heat in the roof.

The Solar Whiz provides natural ventilation and roof cooling by replacing the hot air with cooler air pulled in through vents under the eaves or other openings to the roof space. This keeps roof temperatures close to the ambient temperature by drawing in cooler air from the south side. The ‘flow on’ effect is a reduced need for home cooling.

The Solar Whiz is at least 20 times more effective than other roof fans (i.e. whirly birds).

How does the heating work?

When the sun shines, air drawn into the solar air collector is heated and a solar driven fan, pumps huge amounts of fresh, dry, warm air into the building. This air displaces humidity, toxins and stale air.

Two very important things take place in the solar air collector ventilation unit.

1. The air is dehumidified.

This eliminates problems with damp, mould & mildew.

2. The air is sanitised by UV rays and high temperatures.

This process eliminates pollens, microorganisms and self cleans.

The combination of these two effects leads to a reduction in asthma, airborne bacteria, dust mites, allergy symptoms and other respiratory problems.

The Benefits

  • Free to run
  • Eco-friendly and carbon neutral
  • Enormous savings on heating and cooling bills
  • Eliminates mould, mildew & damp
  • Reduces allergy & asthma symptoms
  • Increases positive energy in your house

Further Information

The Solar Whiz cooling fans come in several cooling capacities - 900, 1400, 2100 and 3000 cubic meters. Designed for all tiled, metal or caravan roofs.

For more information contact Solair on 1300 AIR DRY (247 379) or vist